The Farm

Emilio Tatini and his wife Lidia Martinelli, driven by passion and great commitment for wine making, founded Richiari Porciglia on 2nd May 1985. They were later followed by the sons Leonardo & Alessandro who displayed the same dedication and love for this activity.
The farm has undergone improvemnts and extensions over the years; from the original wine making and olive farming Richiari Porciglia be expanded into the growing of its own grapes. The main product is, therefore, wine which is made by utilizing various cultivars and by taking into account the location and nature of the vineyards.

Having determined the characteristics and the location of the vineyards, the prime product of the farm is, without any doubt, the CHIANTI CLASSICO D.O.C.G., which carries the guarantees of our Consorzium, the controlling body Valoritalia & the C.E.E.

Among the wines produced the most prestigious is the RESERVE CHIANTI D.O.C.G., but of great quality and interest are also the other wines:

CHIANTI CLASSICO D.O.C.G. IL TACCIO that fully reflects the character of the vineyard from which it originates;

CHIANTI CLASSICO D.O.C.G. a classic quality wine;
PORCIGLIA good quality red table wine.

Richiari & Porciglia utilizes up to date wine making equipment as well as storage of the wine, whereas bottling takes place at a plant located in close proximity.